Things to Do in Santa Marta

Find here the best places to see and best things to do in Santa Marta. Get inspired and craft a top-notch holiday booking our private tours.

Founded in 1525, Santa Marta holds the title of being “the oldest city in Colombia”. This vibrant and colorful beach city, has remarkably become one of the top destinations in Colombia because of its mixed architecture composed of colonial, republican and art deco style buildings, turquoise water beaches, organic coffee and cocoa farms, mountain views, tropical rainforests and cloud forests. Find your inner self walking around the old town, or hiking through its lush and shiny green mountains filled with coffee and spectacular colorful birds.

Top 10 attractions in Santa Marta

The list below will show you the best places to see in Santa Marta in 2022. We know how cool staying in the best hotel in Santa Marta can be, however, you will regret not spending at least one day to visit the coolest places near Santa Marta. Make your stay MEMORABLE!

3 Must-do Day Trips in Santa Marta

As you could see in the list above there are a lot of cool places to visit and see, nevertheless, if you are planning to stay for only 2 or 3 days, it is important to ensure that you will make the most out of your time here, that is why, thanks to our considerable expertise, we have handpicked just for you the 3 must-do day trips that will provide you a top-notch stay in our city. Check them out!

Tayrona Park Day Trip To Playa Cristal

Are you planning on spending a nice and chill day at the beach in Tayrona Park? let’s go to “Playa Cristal” one of the most beautiful beaches in Santa Marta and its surroundings.

Tayrona National Park - Cabo San Juan del Guia Bukap Travels

Hiking inside Tayrona National Park (Cabo San Juan del Guia Beach)

Let’s go on a unique adventure doing one of the best hikes in Colombia and discover Cabo San Juan del Guia, a stunning beach inside the Tayrona National Park that will leave you speechless

Organic Coffee Tour and Marinka Waterfalls

Get to know first hand how top-quality organic Colombian coffee is picked, selected, treated and prepared to be later exported or served in your cup.

Things to Do near Santa Marta

Here you will be able to select the area you would like to visit and see the private excursions we offer in each one.

Explore Santa Marta by interest

Santa Marta has a wide variety of options to spend a wonderful day. Depending on your preferences and interests, we have organized our private excursions, making it easier for you to find the perfect day trip.

Family friendly activities in Santa Marta

If you are coming to our city, and you are having a hard time trying to find fun family friendly activities to do here, we suggest you check the following day trips. We are sure you and your family will be delighted!

Top Half-day Tours in Santa Marta

Don’t lose any time, if you are visiting our city for a short period of time, or if you don’t wish to spend the whole day outside the hotel check the following half-day tours we offer:

Private excursions that can be also enjoyed in half a day (6 hours max)

These are other options that we can adjust, so that, you can enjoy them in only half a day: